wasac diving

Tue 19 Sep 2017

Anchor of the Baron Ardrossen The seas around Wales offer scenic and exciting wreck and drift diving especially along its Western extremities.

From Swansea, around St.Govans Head to Anglesey our coastline is peppered with plenty of nooks and crannies and off-shore islands, giving plenty of scope for divers of all disciplines. Ramsey, Skomer, Grassholm and the Smalls in the South with Bardsey, Holy Island and the Skerries in the North, and the unforgettable experience of Lundy all provide endless amounts of fun diving, you are spoilt for choice!

Wrecks are numerous as is the opportunity for drift diving. The Langton Grange and Lucy, two adventurous wreck dives, St. Davids Head offers a thrilling 4 knot drift, and the North Wall on Skomer for a tranquil, scenic plunge to 40 metres all will take some beating.

Scuba diving in Wales has so much to offer and we hope to be able to demonstare this for you. Yet there are also problems; access to many swimming pools, launch sites and the open seas around Wales is gradually being eroded and our underwater environment is at risk from exploitation and excess.WASAC is recognised by the Sports Council as the governing body for underwater sport in Wales and so is in a strong position to highlight these and other issues.

However we can only tackle these issues if we have a strong membership.

Could every member of a scuba diving club in Wales please contact our membership department to ensure that your club has joined our ranks.

Also, we are compiling a comprehensive listing of all the major dive sites in Wales and need your club and yourself to get involved. Check out the dive sites page for more info.

Thanks, Dave Wakelam