Thu 14 Dec 2017

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The Welsh Association of Sub Aqua Clubs - Cwmdeithas Clybiau Tanddwr Cymru *

WASAC aims to offer as much information as possible about the various forms of underwater sport in Wales. Both for the benefit of members of existing clubs and also for those who are new to the sport, who may want to join a club or be interested in finding out more. Are you a diver, or do you want more information about diving in Wales? then click on the scuba diving link below.

Scuba diving with WASAC WASAC Clubs page Snorkeling with WASAC

Our diving section covers a variety of topics, including: welsh dive sites, dive organisations, books related to diving in Wales etc. etc. Want to talk to other divers, dive with other divers; train with other divers? As an organisation our aim is to bring people, clubs and organisations together to share our resources and experience, and so benefit our sport and diving environment.

Also many clubs have a snorkeling section that provide training in their local swimming pools. Check out the snorkeling link above.

WASAC works alongside other related organizations to ensure a future for our sport and its environment. Access to many swimming pools, launch sites and the open seas around Wales is gradually being eroded, our underwater environment is at risk from exploitation and excess. WASAC is recognised by the Sports Council as the governing body of underwater sport in Wales and so is in a strong position to highlight these issues.

However we can only tackle these issues if we have a stronge membership.

Could every member of a diving club in Wales please ensure that your club has joined our ranks.